PicBand Image Downloader

PicBand Image Downloader 1.0

Downloads online images and creates galleries
1.0.1 (See all)
Manage custom image collections by browsing different sites and uploading files from specific boards and galleries with options for quick categorization by size or name and sorting. The suite supports up to 10 simultaneous downloads. Duplicate removal is automated.

Want to build up your own image library? Want to download all the images in a board of image forum?Tired of waiting images to show up in the web browser when there are tens of large images in the web page? Computer slows down when you open multiple pages of images? Waste too much time on waiting and clicking when surfing web pages and forums of pictures?......
PicBand Image Downloader is definitely the right choice to ease your life at surfing web pages with images. No more time wasted to wait the image to show up, well-organized image data, easy to download all the images in a board of forum with several clicks and typing few words.
- Particularly designed for forums/galleries, easy to download images in all topics from the specific board/gallery you want.
- Also easy to download image from other type of websites.
- "Forum Index" at PicBand.com provides growing index service for you, no longer need to search and dig to find forums.
- Easy to create task. Also can download tasks from PicBand.com to save time.
- Downloading 10 images and processing 5 topics at the same time.
- Greatly reduce downloading duplicate images.
- Well-organized management of tasks and downloaded pictures.
- Easy image viewing/slide show, showing only images abover certain size ...

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